Erin & Reuben

ERIN ~ Born in Victoria, BC, Erin grew up running backyard trails and since then has never found the sense to stop. Her childhood fascination with cross-country running led her to recreationally compete in various half marathons and marathons across Canada, and has fostered an unusual appreciation for long distances. In 2005, Erin initiated a project in rural Kenya in which she worked and learned from abandoned, disabled children. The experience ignited her growing passion for the African people. Erin is highly committed to ideas of global and social responsibility and she exemplifies a lifestyle of ethical intention. Her African experience inspired her to develop the 100 Item Challenge in which she is committed to only owning one hundred things. She shares her experiences with students across the province, and through public speaking opportunities challenges others to do the same. Erin is currently studying at the University of Victoria and is pursuing a career in International Development. After completing her education, Erin intends to work and live in Africa permanently. Committed to challenging herself in creative ways, Erin is thrilled to pursue the See Them Run project. Although realistic about the challenge, she is excited for the opportunity to pursue both her passions in one very rewarding endeavor. She approaches this adventure with conviction and enthusiasm, and is eager to learn more about herself, running and the African people.

REUBEN ~ Never having been attracted to activities involving balls or bats, Reuben opted for the simpler sports in his younger years and it was soon very clear running was his natural territory. Reuben’s first years of dismal results in short-distanced elementary races were soon overcome by some emerging results in longer distanced runs. Running 36 minute 10km races off the couch as a young kid, Reuben dominated the long distance running scene from an early age. He has competed in runs of various distances across the country and has just recently found a new niche in the world of marathoning. Reuben is currently studying at the University of Victoria in the fields of Anthropology and Art History. Without any firsthand knowledge of Africa, Reuben is excited to both learn and explore the African culture. The See Them Run project will offer a unique opportunity for Reuben to test himself both mentally and physically; the physical challenge and the opportunity to broaden the understanding of other cultures has Reuben eagerly anticipating the year ahead and the journeys upon which it will take him.
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