Our biggest fan…

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keeping our eyes on the road….and the Olympics….

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Generally speaking our support vehicle (know affectionately as ‘Pr. Borsche/sausage-Africaans/English) clugs along within a 5km radius of us runners, but for the moment, things have changed. The top is now popped, we have 2 spotters sitting on the roof + the truck trails just feet behind us because we have entered the infamous Mikumi National Park. We had to go to the National Park Board to get permission to run through the park: “within its’ 3230 square kms, Mikumi hosts buffalos, giraffes, elephants, lions, zebras, leopards and crocodiles” (Lonely Planet). Locals stopped to try and shoo us into our vehicle every hour.

The Olympics are proving to be a delightful post-run recovery this week. The restaurant next door to our camping pad has the luxury of a T.V. so we were able to catch the opening ceremonies. Good Luck to all the Canadian athletes!

P.S. Does anyone know what days the Olympic marathoners will be racing?

Erin & Patrick

sharing our food

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We had a rare but well chosen treat today by finishing our run sooner than usual; running to the head of the gorge (a 15 km. long descent) we opted to save our legs and postpone the hill until the beginning of tomorrow’s run. Not to mention the gale force winds that funneled through the mountain valley against us, and the dismally grey skies above us. It seems that the weather lately has been preparing us for our return to a September in Victoria.

However, team morale  couldn’t be better as the completion of tomorrow’s run will bring us into the 10-run countdown! Along with diminishing runs our truck is also slowly emptying as the shoe bag, the post-run replacement milkshakes, and our supply of bars and gu’s are finally being eaten/used up! Although it’s not just us doing the eating ..,,. today we found a rat in our veggie cooler – gross!!

– Reuben

if you teach a man to fish…

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let the countdown begin…

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August 1st was a welcome day in camp for a couple of reasons:
1) in less than a month we’ll be home!
2) my parents have arrived!! WhooHoo! Baggage and all they arrived yesterday and we were so glad to see them: we welcomed them with much enthusiasm, hearty hugs and a few happy tears from us daughters!

This week has tickled our tastebuds for Canada’s terrain as we found ourselves running through forests of pine trees. We even got a little taste of rain! In two days we drop from our 2000m elevation just past Iringa and leave the hills behind. Let the count down begin!!

Erin & Patrick

the only way to travel…

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We’ve been running now for three weeks on a new schedule of 6 days a week, 40 kilometres a day, for a total of 240 km per week. The change came about after we had done some recalculating with regards to our estimated completion date, and our departure home. While in Zambia we had worries that we would finish late due to an unfortunate difference between our maps and the road signs – since entering Tanzania it’s been the opposite! In just the past five days we’ve nearly made up 50 km with the discrepancy being in our favour….. for once! Whoo Hoo!!! Thanks for being so supportive!!

We were interviewed this past week by Vancouver’s The Province newspaper. We understand their article should be published this Monday, July 28, somewhere in the sports section. Check it out!!

a day at school

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